JMC Private Prayer

From the 25th November we will be opening the Church up for individual prayer each Wednesday 1-4pm. This is a chance for our Church members and people from the community in Jesmond to come into the Sanctuary for quiet prayer. The Sanctuary will be regularly cleaned and social distancing will be enforce. We will be attempting to stagger arrivals and you will be allowed in the Sanctuary for a maximum 30 minutes. Under current guidelines, we can only offer this for individuals and not households or bubbles. 

By coming along you are agreeing to the following statements:

1) I am not showing symptoms of COVID-19 currently and will not show up to the Church if I am showing symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive.
2) I will inform the Jesmond Methodist Church if after attending I test positive for COVID-19. 
3) While at Jesmond Methodist Church I will abide by social distancing and follow the direction and instructions of the stewards on duty.
4)  I agree to Jesmond Methodist Church holding my name and contact details for a maximum of 21 days in line with NHS track and trace.

Our Lay Pastor Adam has said of opening the Church at this time, “While it seems counter-productive to suddenly open the church while we are in the middle of this lockdown, God has been really opening my heart on what we can do as a response to lockdown, particularly for folk who may be on their own as the nights get darker as well as those in Jesmond.”

Adam and Jan have been working together on this, working through government and Methodist church guidance and we’re really pleased to say that it will be starting Wednesday 25th.

So what do you need to know? You can come between 1 and 4 for a maximum of 30 mins, social distancing and cleaning measures will be enforced with a limit on how many people we can have at one time. Because of this, and NHS track and trace, we are asking if you are able to book online. You can book by following this link:

While we are asking for you to book in there will spaces free if you just want to come down on the Wednesday. We’ll still ask for details for track and trace before you come in, we’re just asking our normal church members to book in so we have an idea of when you may arrive.

We’re aware that this time doesn’t help if you are working and so we want to say that at the moment this is just a bit of a trial run. If you would love to come to the church for private prayer but this time on a Wednesday doesn’t work for you or you have any questions, please get in touch with by the Contact Us page.