The IGNITE programme is a leadership training course, where people of all ages and Logobackgrounds can come together each week to grow in their own relationship with God and be equipped with the skills needed to share the good news of Jesus with the world around them.

Newcastle is the first Methodist District to provide the IGNITE course, as part of the national partnership between the Methodist Church and the Pioneer Network of Churches.

JMC has hosted the year-long programme for since 2014, at both Jesmond Methodist Church and Prudhoe Methodist Church.  From  Tuesday 18 September 2018, the programme will run concurrently in two venues: in the day time at Haydon Bridge Methodist Church, from 12-15.30 hrs, and in the evening at Jesmond Methodist Church from 19-21.45 hrs .

IGNITE  takes you on a journey to be ignited. It is all about our encounters with God – in worship, in His word, in one another and as we share what we have learned with those around us.

The IGNITE programme runs over a 10 month period, with a session each week. There are three semesters, with a half term break. The weekly sessions normally consist of a  worship session, two talks, group discussion and some ministry time.  The cost of the programme is £250 for the whole year. There are sources of funding to support students if needed.  See the IGNITE Newcastle web site for more information: www.ignitenewcastle.org.uk.

If you would like more information about the IGNITE programme at either venue, contact Margaret – the IGNITE Administrator for the Newcastle district – at ignitenewcastle@gmail.com, or use the Contact form on this website.


Colin Barnes leading the session
Colin Barnes leading the session on 27 September 2017